2016 Moments

I think it was 2015 when a website called 2016bestnine.com was born. That’s the first time I heard of it, anyway! What a cool idea, too. You enter your Instagram handle and it shows you the top nine posts of the year!


Because I think this is so fun, I’d like to share with you my top Insta posts of 2016. I thought it was rather interesting that they are all from this fall. I’m not sure why – exciting time in my life I suppose?

The first picture is of Drew and I while attending the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference. On our final afternoon we took some time to hang out by the pool. As you can see, we used the time to snap a selfie of our cystic fibrosis tattoos we got for Major shortly after his diagnosis. Taking this picture led to a scientist walking up to us to ask about our connection to CF. It turns out that he is from Iowa and runs a lab in Tennessee that does CF research. You never know where you will meet someone that touches you or vice versa. I like to think that giving him a connection to our son can help him stay motivated – anytime a researcher can hear a real story is a win in my book.


The second picture is a random selfie I took in the car on the way to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. What a fun night! It’s actually funny seeing the other pictures from the evening and just how quickly one’s hair falls flat in Iowa summers.


Number three was from Christmas Eve. Major received the cutest robe from his Mimi and Pop, my aunt and uncle. He wore it around all night and I couldn’t stop hugging him! It is so snuggly.


The fourth picture is Drew and Major at Christmas Eve Eve EVE service at our church. Major took the responsibility of holding his candle (with Dad’s hep) very seriously. I am glad I captured this sweet moment between the two of them. Drew is such an attentive Dad and helps Major do big boy stuff like this all the time. I love it.


Number five – the first of the hospital pictures. This is the day that Major was discharged from the hospital for the first time. He was re-admitted 36 hours later for complications with his PICC line. But we will get back to that in a moment. I think he was staring at another kiddo in this picture!


The sixth picture is a random day that we were doing Major’s vest treatment. I don’t remember what I posted as the caption, but I do know that anytime I sit with him and watch him do treatment, I feel inspired by him.


Number seven is from the 14th annual Wine Opener in Des Moines. Drew and I were the chairs of this year’s event. I love an opportunity to get fancy and have a night on the town. I also love an opportunity to get our people together and fundraise like crazy to cure my son of cystic fibrosis. This was a really fun night.


Number eight, the second hospital exit. And the final one. We were so happy in this picture and I felt very peaceful. Major left with no PICC line and in great spirits. What a trooper he is. I noticed that in this picture, Major looks even better than he did after the first discharge. He was truly improving, finally!


Lastly, number nine. This is Major and me, goofing off in bed. We took a million selfies that afternoon. He is really working on his giant open mouth smile. The bigger the better. I love doing silly things with him, and this was one of those really fun times.


2016 wasn’t a bad year. I keep hearing so much about how 2016 needs to end, and I do recognize that it has been a bad year for some. However, I can think of so many more good things over bad things that have occurred in the past twelve months. Seeing some of these moments put together reminds me of that.

Cheers to 2016, and we are ready for you 2017.


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