Potty Training Adventures

Welp, here we go. I never knew when we would get to this, but in the past few weeks I decided that it is time to potty train Major. Actually, Major decided, and I finally caught what he was throwing.

{I hesitated to write this post. I like to think about how Major could react when he eventually reads my blog. For this topic, I decided to go forward with my commentary. Major is being potty trained at a reasonable age – no embarrassment, we all go through it. I’m also not going to detail all the things that went on while training. We had some funny and crazy moments that are just for family. And my friend who got to witness a few moments. So Major, if you are reading this one day and are embarrassed, you may select a video game or something of equal value and I hope that will make up for my transgression.}

I’ve seen several younger and older kiddos get potty trained while I was waiting for Major to announce he was ready. I waited for a while. With Major being about 2.5 years old, I wondered if the time was approaching. A few weeks ago, I bought the book titled “Potty Training in 3 Days” by Brandi Brucks. It looked like a quick read, and three days is right where I want to be. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

As it turns out, Brandi knows my soul. You see, Major has shown me every sign of being ready. He is interested in the potty, he tells me when he needs a new diaper, and he follows directions like a boss. However, if I ask him if he wants to use the potty, the answer is always a firm “no.” I concluded he wasn’t ready.

Brandi enlightened me to the reality that was never going to say yes. She also showed me that potty training at 2.5 will be easier then 3.5 because he won’t really remember wearing diapers. The emotional attachment grows as the child does. Now, if you waited or plan to wait, remember – this is what works for us, so you do you! I remembered how glad I was to have taken Major’s pacifier when I did (another thing I hesitated to do), and that helped push me into the toileting section of Buy Buy Baby.

I am a person who likes structure and rules. I like to follow a plan, and she gave me one! Some of the pieces that I think are the best tips in her book:

  • “Throw out” all of the diapers. Major and I collected them from all over the house, just like Brandi told us to. We put them in a shopping bag and set them outside for the garbage man to take them away. In reality, I will donate them.
  • Don’t tell him that accidents are OK, unless it happened while sleeping. When he has an accident, I remind him that he has to tell me when he needs to potty. Brandi provides some key phrases that I use to make sure he knows it isn’t OK. When he is sleeping, they are truly accidents and don’t need correction. He is sleeping in overnight pull ups.
  • Lots of fluids! Brandi talks about this a lot in her book. If he can’t practice, he can’t make perfect. Water all day my friends.
  • Stop asking if he has to go potty. I do as Brandi says: “Major, TELL Mommy when you have to go potty.” There is no option. We don’t use a timer because the goal is for him to understand what it feels like to need to go.
  • Only go to the bathroom in the bathroom. As potty trained people, we do not have the luxury of going anywhere as one does while in diapers. We chose to use the regular toilet, but if you use a kid potty do as Brandi says and keep it in the bathroom.
  • The most important: DON’T BE GLUED TO YOUR PHONE! Brandi really says no phone. I must admit that I was on it a bit, but as she requests only 15 seconds at a time. Enough to read a text and/or send one. My eyes had to be on Major so that I could watch his cues. The only way to learn said cues was to keep watching him. By noon on day one, I could predict when he was about to go.

Are you thinking about potty training? Here is a summary of each day and what we went through:

Day One: As told to by the book, we began potty training after breakfast and Major’s vest treatment for his cystic fibrosis. We started by collecting all of the diapers from all over the house and putting them in a shopping bag. Major thought this was fun! I had built up potty training for the past week or two and he knew this was coming. I then showed him his pile of big boy underwear and let him pick out the first pair. Then, we played! That’s it. And I watched. We had the first accident 8 minutes in. There were a lot of accidents. I believe we were at 6 by 11am. I was starting to feel wilted around then and was just hoping for one successful bathroom potty by nap time. Well, I got three! Major earned his reward (Cheetos) for each successful trip to the bathroom. By the third successful visit, he actually told me he had to go. After nap time, I had Drew home to help which was nice. He quickly got the hang of the system. Major did pretty well that night, but I felt like he was getting afraid of the toilet. We went to sleep early and everyone was ready for a break.



Day Two: Major hopped out of bed and told me that he had to potty! But, then he didn’t go.  We got going with treatment in a pull up and talked about our day. I will note that I am going to do his vest treatments in a pull up until he has a good run of getting through them dry. His vest shakes him awfully hard and I think it’s a bit much to ask a 2 year old to hold it while vibrating. Maybe that’s just me? He did just fine during breakfast and then we had a long, long morning. By noon I was questioning myself. I was questioning his readiness. I gave us both a short reprieve by having my mom watch him so I could grab lunch with a friend. She had success while I was gone, so I felt ready to re-focus after our break. When we woke up from nap time all the way until bed time, he was awesome. He told us when he had to go and successfully went each time. Day Two was harder than Day One, but we made it.

Day Three: This is where the tides began to turn. We had mostly success on Day Three and Major really began to get it. By this day, he was no longer tearful and instead morphed into a potty confident big boy. Maybe too confident, but I’ll take it. He did have two accidents on Saturday, but to be expected during this learning curve. Saturday night, I did as my book instructed and put him in pants for a bit. That was nerve wracking! I reminded myself no less than seven times that everything can be washed. He worse his outfit for about 20 minutes and had no issues. Yay!


Beyond: I write this update now from Day Five. We haven’t had any pee accidents since Day Two and still learning the other thing. Improving though! Per the book, I should have taken Major on an outing by now but haven’t gotten the gumption. I think tomorrow we will bundle up and play outside for 15 minutes, then run a quick errand in the car Wednesday or Thursday. I hope to have Major back in pants full time by next weekend. How can I keep him pants free for 10 days? Well, he is sitting out preschool this week. He goes four hours per week, and at two…he can miss it. I believe that sending him this week will derail his progress a bit, since he hasn’t gone outside the house yet or told anyone but family he has to go. Whatever it takes!

I am very glad that we went with this book and quarantined ourselves to potty train this week. Brandi, the author, was right in that Major was ready. He was never (at least not at 2.5) going to tell me he wanted to use the potty. I’m very happy to know that we have purchased our last box of diapers, but it’s a little sad! This is a big step in Major’s young life. Aw, now I’m feeling sentimental.

How did you potty train your child, or how do you plan to?




4 thoughts on “Potty Training Adventures

  1. Bethany says:

    I think her book is fanulous too! I am starting next week, but I’m confused on if I ever make it a purpose to sit him on the potty in between all my verbal reminders. Do I verbally remind him all day and just keep redirecting and taking him to the bathroom when he has accidents? Thanks for any tips!


    • majoreason says:

      I would say “tell me when you have to go potty.” As he started to have an accident I’d grab him and run to the bathroom. I wrote down each time so I’d know about when to beef up the reminders again. Even today, when he hasn’t gone for a while I’ll still say that, and he does tell me. I’ve never put him on the potty w/o him saying he has to go or having an accident back at the beginning. This way they can learn what it feels like to have to go! 😁


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