Yes, I Know Guac is Extra.

I’ve yet to meet a mother who doesn’t have a picky toddler at one point or another. It seems like once you proclaim your child to be a great eater, you no longer have one. Major, like many kids, has phases of wanting to try anything and times where he will subsist off of cheese alone. These challenging meals leave me baffled, sometimes angry, and searching for solutions.

Because Major has cystic fibrosis, his pancreas can’t get enough enzymes out to absorb the nutrients in his food. This means gaining weight is a struggle for him, even with the 25 enzymes he takes per day to allow for the food to absorb.

Alas, we do not force Major to eat his food. I’ll detail our approach in another post though! Let me tell you what we DO do.

We pack every single calorie we can into each bite. If he finishes his food – awesome, tons of calories and fat. If he has five bites, that stinks, but we know we got some good stuff in there.

I’ve been posting some of our toddler meals on Instagram lately and wanted to share some ideas for you. These are great for any kid you are trying to get calories into. I am not an RD so this in no way comes with authority other than being a mom!

Mix canned chicken with avocado and spread the mixture on crackers. I served this with buttered graham crackers and key lime yogurt. It was a hit! Sometimes I also add a touch of mayo to the chicken salad.


Bacon. I don’t need to church this one up for you.


Avocado sushi rolls with cheddar cheese and chicken. I saw this on a TV show and thought it was a great idea! I rolled the bread with a can of food to make it thin, spread my avocado and chicken mixture, added cheese and rolled it up. Then I just cut it like a sushi roll! Major thought this was really fun.


Chicken salad (with mayo this time) over crackers with some easy cheese. Never forget that easy cheese can go on anything! Olives on the side (new food, loved it), and a donut for dessert.



The goal is to pick up every single piece of food and ask myself, “What else can I do to bulk this up?” I will even make a milkshake of Pedisure, Half and Half, and whole milk. It’s a tasty and calorie packed addition to any meal. In fact tonight, Major was having a light dinner and we compromised by him finishing his milk. Because I’d given him that drink, I get to go to bed with no stress.

What are your go-to toddler meals?


4 thoughts on “Yes, I Know Guac is Extra.

  1. moontidetime says:

    I love your meal ideas! My 19mo daughter has cf and goes through fussy phases. Recently soup, blended up spaghetti bolognais with lots of cheese, banana chocolate muffins with 1/2 ground almonds and coconut yoghurt (ridiculous amount of fat in this) have gone down well. Soup helps to get the veggies in and you can ads cream. I love your positivity, your honest insights and your pictures of family life. Most cf blogs don’t leave me happy but yours does. Keep up the good work x


  2. moontidetime says:

    Yes we are positive 🙂 Our little one is energetic, sweet and opinionated! It helps to see her grow into a robust little person from a tiny little 6lb baby. We were in hospital for 3 weeks with MI. We also learned everything we know about caring for a newborn from the nurses!


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