Potty Training Adventures: Part Two

It has been almost eight months since I took a staycation and potty trained Major. You can read details of the training method we used here.

We removed all diapers from the house, put Major in underwear, and began a quarantine in his playroom. While the method claimed to do it in 3 days, I can’t say we were perfect in 3. But, definitely potty trained and very few accidents followed.

Eight months later, we have made it! Don’t worry, it didn’t take eight months, as I said above. There have been accidents along the way, no doubt. There was a rough week back in late May when Major had a virus and I thought we were headed in a bad direction. Cue the Google searching and lots of phone calls to veteran toddler mommas, and I quickly found it was common with the virus Major had.

I am still cautious of long car trips/plane rides and go about 50/50 as far as whether I put a Pull Up on Major. I trust him 100% to tell me he has to go to the bathroom, and he can hold it pretty well. However, one way to lower stress when traveling is to know that I won’t have to deal with an potty accident outfit change, and it’s no biggie to do the Pull Up.

We have never wavered on how we treat accidents. They are not OK. In our house, an accident is only an accident at night while sleeping. It’s not like we give timeouts when they have happened, but we always tell Major that it isn’t OK, and that we don’t go in underwear. He picked up on that easily and I think this response was key to our quick success.

The other key to success has been not using a kid toilet. Major goes only in bathrooms. In real life, there are no potties in the middle of kitchens, hallways, or next to the dinner table. So for us, part of training includes the walk to the bathroom, where potty trained people go.

Really, the only changes we have made sine my original post is buying new underwear. Ha! For all that have asked me questions, here is my golden advice. You know, as a non-professional.

Stick with the plan you choose.

All the tools we used in my original post and recap here worked because we never wavered. Potty training sucks at the beginning, and it would be easy to quit. Keep pressing on with your method of choice, and you too will have success. Now, drop your advice below for any mommas who haven’t done it yet!



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