Hi!  My name is Jaci and I live in Iowa with my husband Drew and my son Major. I truly believe every life moment leads to another and that there is a reason for everything.  My son has cystic fibrosis.  Many posts on this blog are about CF, but this is not all this space is for.

This site is named after Major, of course, and our sweet doggie Eason who passed away in 2016. I realized that putting together the names of my two kiddos created MajoReason. Major sure was born for a reason, and so I write about all the little moments here. And now that Eason has left us, having her legacy live on through my blog is pretty special.

Note that this isn’t a site for following Major’s medical journey.  I am loud and proud when it comes to talking about CF, but save for an occasional general update, Major’s medical details are not for the interwebs.

Come here for a peek into my adventures. Thanks for reading!



One thought on “About

  1. Sue Davis says:

    Jaci, I have been catching up, you are an awesome mother!!!! Major is blessed to have you!!! And little Major is an absolute doll!!!!


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